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About the brand...

Nalani’s Naturals is the brain child of a person who found herself fed up with subpar commercial products that were breaking the bank. As a college student, Robyn understood the importance of having high-quality skincare items that are both effective and affordable. After unsuccessfully searching for a product that would clear all criteria, she decided the best option for her skin—and pocketbook—was to create her own.

With time, Robyn crafted a formula that helped her sensitive skin to thrive! She felt everyone deserves luxury treatment that is free of harsh chemicals, regardless of one’s budget. And so, Nalani’s Naturals was born!




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Meet the CEO...

Shipping updates:

"Has my skin feeling great!"


"It made my hair so soft!"


I love the Lavender Vanilla smell and consistency. The “OG” seems a bit thicker and requires a little more working to smooth it out, but they both leave my skin very soft and smooth. I really do like how the lavendar vanilla just seems to melt on my skin (they are both stored in the same place). The brown sugar scrub is also amazing, it isn’t harsh like some other sugar exfoliants, and still leaves my skin feeling smooth.


I absolutely am in LOVE with the brown sugar scrub, lavender vanilla butter and pineapple papaya butter. The scrub leaves my body feeling smooth and moisturized and the butters add extra moisture and a beautiful scent. I’ve made two orders since the launch and WILL BE BUYING AGAIN!